RMAP Packet

Figure 1 - RMAP Packet Structure

Table 1 - RMAP Header

TYPERMAP packet type
0x2000 - RMAP Read
0x2001 - RMAP Write

Table 2 - RMAP Payload

RMAP_ADDRRegister address to read/write
RMAP_DATARegister data to write, applicable to Write only. For Read, this field is unused
  • For Host -> HW, we have both RMAP Read and Write types. RMAP Processor parses the Type field to initiate either a RMAP read or write cycle.
  • For HW -> Host, we only have RMAP Read type e.g. read data content is fed back to Host. RMAP header is added by Packet Processor, Read content by RMAP Processor.
  • Note, UDP port 1000 is used for RMAP packet. Packet Classifier forwards UDP port 1000 packets to RMAP Processor.
  • Note, minimum Ethernet payload is 46 bytes. In RMAP packet case, we have 20 (IP header) + 8 (UDP header) + 20 (UDP payload) = 48 bytes


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