How to setup Modelsim work folder

This tutorial explains how to setup a Modelsim work folder.

  1. Start Modelsim
  2. In Trancript window, enter following commands
    vmap -del work                                 #delete previous work folder mapping 
    vlib {YOUR_PATH_TO_MODELSIM_WORK_FOLDER}       #create new work folder
    vmap work {YOUR_PATH_TO_MODELSIM_WORK_FOLDER}  #map new work folder  

Example :

vmap -del work                                 
vlib {d:\mystuff\hw\work}    
vmap work {d:\mystuff\hw\work}    

  1. Modelsim will automatically update the modelsim.ini file located under ./design/trunk/setup. This change should be removed by deleting the file, and perform an svn update of the setup folder to get the original modelsim.ini . You may optionally revert Modelsim changes by right-click on modelsim.ini and select TortoiseSVn -> revert option.


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