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Build Simulink App

The CRKit subsystem is as shown in Figure 1. We have three subsystems :

  1. TB PKT SUB - testbench for Ethernet and IP level processing
  2. APP SUB - User Specific Application module. This module is the one which will be built, and ported to external Xilinx ISE tool for further framework integration
  3. TB RF SUB - testbench for RF interface. Currently a simple loop interface between dac and adc interfaces e.g. Tx DAC -> Rx ADC

Figure 1 - CRKit Subsystem

The APP subsystem is shown in Figure 2. This module will be built using System Generator (double-click on System Generator icon).

Figure 2 - APP Subsystem

The system generator options are shown in Figure 3. Assuming that the Application module has passed the verification/simulation stages successfully, you may build the APP module by clicking on 'Generate'. Note the target directory is d:\hw\simulink\ngc_netlist, and the clock rate is set to 100MHz. Once the build process is completed, we should have a app_sub.ngc file which is the synthesized version of APP subsystem. Now, copy app_sub.ngc to Xilinx ISE CRKit project folder e.g. d:\hw\cr_build\cr_r3_sim . We are now ready to link app_sub.ngc to the framework using Xilinx ISE tool.

Figure 3 - System Generator


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